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      Dysfunctional Breathing

      Dysfunctional Breathing Patterns (DBP) is a term describing changes in your breathing which can be either acute or chronic, often seen with a variety of other symptoms and in the absence of an organic cause.

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      Most patients with diagnosed lung disease have a form of dysfunction in their breathing pattern. This has been shown to be particularly relevant in patients with long covid symptoms. Assessment and identification of your breathing pattern with regard to your symptoms allows your physiotherapist to give you the tools to improve both your symptoms and improve your breathing pattern.

      • Assessment & Treatment Plan

        Our experienced physiotherapist Liane Smith offers a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan involving breathing pattern assessment, re-education, caponography biofeedback, inspiratory muscle training, exercise program and advice on return to activity and sport.

        The complexity of the role breathing in our everyday life can mean the more complex dysfunctional patterns can take a number of months for results. Most patients will require 3 months of work, however the sessions with the physiotherapist will be at intervals, staggered in that time period. Generally an extensive assessment and 6 sessions are recommended.

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      • Dysfunctional Breathing Physiotherapist

        Liane Smith

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        Liane was born in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa  and graduated at University of Cape Town in 1986 with BSC Physiotherapy.  She immigrated to Perth with her family in 1999 to start a new adventure. Liane’s background is private practice, where she ran a team of physiotherapists who serviced acute respiratory, cardiac surgery and neurosurgery, as well as outpatient rooms specialising in spinal, musculoskeletal, sport injuries and rehabilitation.

        The practice was involved with State track and field athletes, as well as the Durban World surf life-saving Championships in 1999 and the Vets World Track and Field in 1997. Liane’s interests currently lie in treating breathing pattern disorders, hyperventilation syndrome and inspiratory muscle training in clients with a history of chest problems or unexplained breathing disorders. She is also interested in breathing disorders in sportspeople and athletes.


      • Good breathing information

        ‘Good breathing’ means moving air in and out of the chest with the minimum of effort and the right muscles. This is to give you the correct amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide you need to live and feel well.

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