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Excellence in chest physiotherapy and cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation

Thoracare Subiaco Physiotherapy Services

Thoracare Subiaco provides expert physiotherapy care for some of your body's most vital functions. In conjunction with our highly skilled team of compassionate thoracic surgeons and specialists, at St John of God Subiaco Hospital, we provide inpatient and outpatient physiotherapy services for acute and chronic chest conditions. Our services assist with respiratory illness, dysfunctional breathing and cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation, together with exercise programs following both thoracic and abdominal surgery.

Inpatient Physiotherapy

Our inpatient physiotherapists provide a wide range of services in surgical and general medical areas, including;

  • Recovery from acute respiratory issues
  • Education and treatment of chronic respiratory diseases
  • Post surgical mobility
  • General mobility, such as prescription and advice on walking aids
  • Falls and balance education
  • General exercise programs
  • Oncology, including breast surgery
  • Vestibular rehabilitation
  • Lymphoedema education and management

Chronic Lung Disease

We provide education around managing your chronic lung disease, from those who have received a new diagnosis to those who have been living with a condition for many years. Our physiotherapists can teach you the importance of breathing exercises and mucous clearance techniques to prevent recurrent chest infections. We can also advise you on devices that may assist in monitoring and increase the efficiency of your exercises, to better manage your condition for overall quality of life.

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Dysfunctional Breathing

This refers to chronic changes breathing patterns, with the most common symptom being shortness of breath. This can be an issue in a wide range of people, including athletes. Some other symptoms may include headaches, fatigue and reduced exercise tolerance. We can help retrain your breathing pattern to normal through specific education and exercises.

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Pulmonary Rehabilitation

General exercise and strength training is extremely important in the long term outcome for chronic lung and cardiovascular disease. We can tailor an exercise program to you individually, to help manage symptoms such as shortness of breath, fatigue and overall muscle deconditioning. The aim of these programs is to improve your quality of life and function.

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Breast Surgery

We provide follow up to patients post breast surgery for management of cancer. This involves exercises to restore range of movement, especially to the shoulder, and prevent any complications post operatively. Our physiotherapists can guide you in return to exercise and help you to increase strength and return to day to day activities. We can also educate you on lymphoedema prevention and basic treatment.

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Vestibular Rehabilitation

The vestibular system involves the inner ear and brain. Problems with the processing of this system can result in dizziness and balance issues which may severely impact day to day function. This can sometimes occur very suddenly, or may be a long term problem. We can assist in diagnosing and treating a wide range of vestibular issues to help you return to normal activity.

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